The "Sharpie Gate" Story Continues

Every kid can tell you that when you lie, another lie is required to cover up the previous lie.

by Eric Holdeman / September 12, 2019

Oh the tangled web we weave! Sharpiegate just won't go away as administration officials continue to try to cover up their response to the president's allegations that Hurricane Dorian would impact Alabama. See White House Pressed for NOAA to Disavow Forecasters’ Tweet Contradicting Trump .

Let this be a lesson in truth-telling for all emergency managers. I've shared my quote before, but it fits very nicely with the situation above. "No one can take away your integrity but yourself." You choose to lie! No one can "make you lie." Integrity is one of the few things we have total control over in our lives. You might be tall, short, thin, fat, brown hair, no hair (like me), with cancer or cancer free. We are made up of a combination of events in our lives and our choices. 

I did my share of lying as a teenager, but as I became older, I've gotten much better about telling the truth, not perfect by any means. Truth-telling is something we should hold up as an admirable goal in our personal lives. I can actually say that me telling the truth has gotten me into work troubles. Lots of people don't like to hear the truth.

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