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The United States Military Can Do Much in This Time of Crisis

But, remember, their first mission is to project military power to protect the USA.

by Eric Holdeman / March 24, 2020

There is this op-ed by a former Southern Command commander, There's much more the military can do in this crisis.

I like the fact that the author called out that the first priority for all military services, Army, Air Force, Navy is to be able to project military power to any area of the world. The other issue is "force protection" and in this case that means keeping our military service personnel healthy and therefore combat-ready. It was a measure that was drummed into me as a contingency planner for an Army headquarters way back in the early 1980s. 

While it is not totally inappropriate to talk about the National Guard, and there was a reference to the control of those forces by governors, I first and foremost think of the National Guard as a state asset. When federalized, then they are part of the active duty force. 

It was noted that Title 32 has been granted and three states have asked for that designation for their National Guard forces. What that allows for is those National Guard forces activated to be paid for by the federal government and still remain under the control of the respective state governors.



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