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There Will Be Power Failures Coming

Systems are going to be stressed — repeatedly.

It is still early in the summer season and we have already had repeated heat waves wafting over the United States. Record temperatures are happening in many places in the nation.

These heat events are longer and more severe. Along with record heat and temperatures, there is also record demand for electricity. While systems might be able to handle some peak loads, like everything else, sustained record demands stress a system and we can expect some minor or even catastrophic failures as systems hit the breaking point.

I’d say to watch Texas. They have had cold weather challenges in the past and they are an isolated system of sorts.

Then there will be the associated issues of heat being so high that it becomes a physical danger to people being able to survive. Those working outdoors in physical labor are at the greatest risk, but if the power fails, children and the elderly will also be marginalized and vulnerable to heat injuries.

Lastly, it is was in the news this past week that the governor of Texas rolled back a law that required mandatory water and rest breaks for outdoor workers during extreme heat emergencies. Really? I mean, really?
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