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Vaccinations: I Told You So

I hate to say it, but "I told you so!"

by Eric Holdeman / January 2, 2021

See the these earlier blog posts below:

"Vaccines and Vaccinations Are Two Different Issues," published Dec. 2

"Operation Warp Speed — A Military Intervention," published Nov. 15

Quoting from my blog post above:

"I liked the three-star general they have in charge of moving vaccines around the nation. He's got a plan (backwards planning by the way) that lays out the steps to get vaccines delivered and actually administered. 

There are some assumptions that he is making that will be trouble in the future. He anticipates having a well-honed "situational awareness" process in place. For those things he can control, I believe that will be true. Here's the rub...when the vaccine hits civilian hands, it all falls apart!!!"

"The Logistics of Moving Vaccines and Vaccinations," published Nov. 22

Look, I know I'm not the be all, end all of emergency management — but the current situation with vaccinations was totally predictable.

There is no way that you can just tell states, "you do it!" How did that work for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ventilators? How has it worked for coronavirus test kits and testing? It just won't work!!

The vaccination effort will require a mobilization of resources to meet the demand. And, when that part finally gets done with enough people to give vaccinations, we'll run out of vaccines. It is predictable!

In the third blog post listed above, I called out the need to identify vendors of dry ice. A couple of days ago I read a story where emergency managers, in Alabama, I believe, called for more dry ice. Duh!

We are at the stage of the vaccination program in which I will invoke Murphy's Law. Basically stated, "If it can go wrong, it will go wrong!" 


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