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Waiting for the Vaccination Public Education Campaign to Begin

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

by Eric Holdeman / January 2, 2021

Our nation has embarked on the initial stages of the largest vaccination effort ever undertaken. Administering vaccines to, ideally, every American will be a herculean task. We knew that vaccines were coming and coming soon — for months. Now they are here and, "How's it going?"

The entire vaccination rollout is another topic, but I'm thinking the public education, or call it PR, campaign to get people to become vaccinated is languishing. I read over a month ago that $250 million had been allocated for such a campaign. A "tell" for what was wrong with that effort came when in the same story it was stated that they would be putting together focus groups soon to test messaging. 

That type of work should have been done waaaay earlier, in the early fall of 2020. Then, you'd have the messages put together and start messaging before the vaccines were approved and being administered. In modern warfare terms, you would prepare the battlefield, soften up the enemy before attacking. 

The mode that we are in today reminds me of 17th-century warfare where the order was once given, "Don't shoot until you can see the whites of their eyes!" The maximum effective range of a musket back then was about 40 yards. We've waited too long to begin. Chalk it up to another 2020 mistake in countering the COVID-19 virus.

Unfortunately, the only resource that is not renewable is "time." Once it is lost, it is gone. People and organizations will try to catch up and do the best they can, but if we wanted to be more efficient, effective and have better outcomes, those days are behind us. At this point, "It is what it is!" 

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