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What Sea Level Rise Will Look Like Around the Globe

In pictures.

This article projects a 3 degrees Celsius rise in temperatures. The impacts are dramatic!

“Our underwater future: What sea level rise will look like around the globe”

Three degrees is a bit extreme, but at our current rate for being unable to curb the rise in global temperatures, it is possible.

The issue I see is that we’ve already crossed the Rubicon on seeing major impacts of climate change coming our way. At 1.5 degrees Celsius we are observing significant Greenland glacier melt occurring.

Do look at the link above. They have a series of “slider pictures” that show the impact of sea level rise on various cities.

I’m expecting regular shipping traffic going through the Arctic within 10 years.
Eric Holdeman is a contributing writer for Emergency Management magazine and is the former director of the King County, Wash., Office of Emergency Management.
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