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What Will 2021 Still Bring — Beyond the Pandemic

A thoughtful piece from Hagerty Consulting.

by Eric Holdeman / February 4, 2021

I just finished reading "2021 Year Ahead," which is Hagerty Consulting's take on what is coming in 2021 — and I'd add beyond. 

There isn't anything there that I disagree with at all. Some tidbits include:

  • When the entire nation is impacted, there isn't any mutual aid coming to the rescue. I'd add that is also true for your "immediate" mutual aid resources in a regional disaster. Help will come for those, but it will take some time to arrive.
  • They see private resources as a way to quickly augment government capabilities. Sounds self-serving, but that is how it is playing out right now.
  • They didn't say it this way, but public health needs our help in coordinating large-scale responses.
  • It is not just floods and fires that draw emergency managers into the fray. The coordination capabilities that we possess have been noticed and we will be called upon more frequently for a much wider diversity of issues. I've seen this play out extensively in the city of Seattle.
  • Climate and the new Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) program that has a mitigation emphasis are made for one another.
  • Community resilience beyond physical disaster impacts has an economic and financial connection. The wellbeing of the general population of a community is in play.
  • Cybersecurity is only going to get to be more important as we move forward, and emergency management has a role to play.

I would add that we can't let the tactics of the moment and the crisis of the pandemic cloud our vision for what is just around the corner in so many different ways. 

In summary — business is good and looking up!

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