When Are You Most Productive at Work?

Survey says ...

by Eric Holdeman / July 25, 2019

There are morning people and then there are night people. Me, I'm a morning person. Which makes me more like others in Seattle, see:

A "case of the Tuesdays" could actually be a good thing, according to new data from staffing firm Accountemps — 33% of Seattle workers cite Tuesdays as their most productive day of the workweek. Additional findings include:

• Seattle workers are most productive in the morning — 83% say they get the most work done before lunchtime
• 30% cite chatty coworkers as their single biggest productivity killer

Here are some more office productivity factoids at this link: Productivity Power Play.

Like with almost everything in life, the social aspect of people at work requires some balance. The workplace is not a social club, yet the "happiest workplaces" are those where individuals have formed close friendships.

The above information/link was shared by Debbie Lazo.

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