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Without a National 'Stay at Home' Order, There Will Be a Diaspora of Infected People

Now it is likely too late. Timing is everything!

by Eric Holdeman / March 24, 2020

People are fleeing highly infected areas of the country, such as New York City and going to places where they have vacation homes, or to just get out of their cramped NYC apartments. See this story on how some are not welcoming the invaders, even if they do own property there, ‘Stay on the mainland’: Tensions grow as affluent city dwellers fearing coronavirus retreat to second homes.

This includes going to other states, like Florida, which is a favorite sunshine state for Northeastern folks.

You might consider these people emissaries of the virus. Taking it from one location and starting new infections in other parts of the state or nation. This is what happens when just one city, one state, or a portion of one state implements "stay at home" orders. 

I'm certain that epidemiologists will model all of these infections on a timeline in the future. I believe that it won't be one national curve of infections, but 50 curves. There are hot spots today, and in 2-5 weeks there will be new hot spots in other states that have few "identified" cases today. Yes, Mississippi -- your turn will come! Louisiana can't be starting to have a high rate of infections and not have it impact you. Did you seal the border during Mardi Gras? 

All of the above is why there won't be church services in most of the country on Easter morning. Hopefully the Easter Bunny is virus free and can still visit kids confined at home. He may have to wear a mask. 

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