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Word of the Day: ‘Bunkum’

It certainly fits our current political situation.

As part of my morning routine I have my Amazon Echo play a Flash Briefing for me. One of the items I get is “Word of the Day.”

Today’s word was “bunkum,” a new one for me.

Here is the definition:

“A load of bunk. Nonsense or insincerity. Bunk is an abbreviation of the Americanism ‘bunkum,’ meaning insincere, empty talk, or disingenuous political talk meant merely to please a target audience. Primarily heard in US.” The underlined part is what we used to call “preaching to the choir.”

Post-election, the spin-misters are out telling their tales of “hurrah for us” or “woe is me.” It all sounds a bit “bunkum” to me!
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