Connecticut Unveils New Mobile Phone App to Report Suspicious Activity to Authorities

Connecticut State Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection announced the app called CT Safe Mobile Application.

by Jim Shay, Connecticut Post, Bridgeport, Conn. / November 7, 2018

(TNS) - The state Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection has announced the release of a new mobile phone application where you can report suspicious activity to authorities.

The free app, it says, will engage “our public to assist in the security of the Homeland.”

“The simple interface will allow the user to anonymously report unusual activity and even include photos in just a few clicks. The report is sent directly to Counter Terrorism watch personnel who are on-duty 24 hours a day. Join the team that keeps CT SAFE.”

According to the description on the App Store, “The CT Safe Mobile Application, in collaboration with the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, along with the Connecticut Intelligence Center, allows citizens of Connecticut to report on suspicious activities within their communities. Connecticut citizens can view and select suspicious activities from a list of predefined activities, elect the appropriate activity, and generate an email to the Connecticut Intelligence Center.

“The CT Safe Mobile Application integrates with Google Maps and a user’s mobile device camera or photo library to send accurate location coordinates along with photos, assisting citizens reporting suspicious activities within their communities.”

The Connecticut Intelligence Center is described as “the designated state fusion center, which is comprised of state, local and federal partners including the Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Division of State Police, Department of Corrections, CT National Guard, Municipal police, FBI, U.S. Coast Guard, Office of the United States Attorney, and the federal Department of Homeland Security. Personnel from additional state agencies are available as subject matter experts and liaisons to assist as needed.”

Among the suspicious activities people should watch for are trespass/surveillance, theft, vandalism, recruiting, weapons-related, cyber-related, human tracking and “any activity believed to be suspicious.”

“Always keep in mind your safety comes first. Never confront, pursue, or in any way interfere with anyone whom you believe is acting suspiciously.”

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