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Bay Area Transit Offers Incentives to Ease Travels During Peak Ridership

A California transit authority is incentivizing passengers enrolled in a pilot project this spring.

by / March 9, 2016

In an effort to relieve the pressure during peak ridership times, a California transit authority will incentivize passengers enrolled in a pilot project this spring. 

On March 3, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) announced its collaboration with the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) to offer the BART Perks program, which will use cash and other rewards to urge riders to use transit service before or after heavy morning commute times.

According to the information released by BART, the pilot project will allow 25,000 participants in the six-month program who can exchange points for small cash prizes, paid through PayPal, and chances to win “bigger prizes.” 

The full details of the program are yet to be released, but BART said more information will be made available in the coming weeks.

Similar programs have been used in other jurisdictions, like Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit, while others, like Washington, D.C.’s Metro, have tested higher fares during peak travel times to deter non-essential riders from crowding the system.  

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