Mercedes-Benz Launches New Car-Sharing App

The new app is set to launch in Germany next month.

by / November 14, 2016
Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock

Renting cars might just become cheaper, easier and more accessible in the near future, thanks to a new app called Croove, set to launch in Germany this December.

“On average, a car is parked up for 23 hours a day," Dr. Dieter Zetsche, head of Mercedes-Benz, told Electronics360. "Why not make it earn a little money during this time? Car-sharing will be a key element of the mobility concept in tomorrow's cities.”

Croove will directly connect users to vehicle owners and will include all car brands. Renters have the choice to pick up the vehicle or have it delivered (for an extra fee), but what the creators of Croove seem to stress is the fact that renters can get the exact model they request, unlike with traditional car rental situations in which renters can only request a size category.

Mercedes-Benz says that this platform benefits both the renters and the vehicle owners because the rates will be lower than those of existing rental agencies, and the owners will be making money during the majority of the day — when their vehicle is not in use. This platform will operate on Android and iOS, and will also be available for laptop or desktop PC access via a website.


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