'Straddling Bus' to Debut in China This Year

A new mass transit vehicle that cars on the road can drive through is scheduled to hit Chinese transit later this year.

by / May 30, 2016

Inhabitants of China will soon ride … the bus rail! Part bus, part tunnel, part light rail, this futuristic mass transit vehicle will carry more than 1,000 passengers as it glides above existing road traffic.

Powered by electric rails on either side of the road, engineers tout the invention as a breakthrough that requires no additional real estate to build and construction costs at just 20 percent of those needed to dig a subway.

The concept was debuted as the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) in 2010, but recently resurfaced at this year’s Beijing High-Tech Show. A real-life deployment of the technology is scheduled somewhere in China this year.

Concept images of the project and details on the vehicle's features, like built-in elevators, can be viewed in the videos below.

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