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How to 'Hack' Bureaucracy and Achieve Change — ICYMI

Authors Marina Nitze and Nick Sinai, whose experience spans the White House, the Department of Veterans Affairs and Harvard University, discuss their new book and delve into ways of making bureaucracy work for you.

Between elected officials and the constituents they represent lies the bureaucracy — a group of public-sector employees responsible for implementation, administration and regulation.

Every government needs bureaucracy in order to function properly, but the term can have a negative connotation for some people. The multilayered systems and processes that a bureaucracy puts in place make decision-making slow, and public opinion and input from the electorate is often not given much weight. In other words, bureaucracies don’t have feelings, they have frameworks.

Regardless of industry, role or team, in order to get things done and transform ideas into impact, one needs to work with bureaucracy. Change doesn’t happen just because the person in charge declares it should; often the instigator of massive change turns out to be an everyday employee.

Authors Marina Nitze and Nick Sinai know about working with bureaucracy, thanks to their experiences at the White House, the Department of Veterans Affairs and Harvard University, not to mention foster care, state capitals and growing software companies.

Marina and Nick recently joined Dustin and Joe on ICYMI to discuss their new book Hack Your Bureaucracy and the various strategies anyone can employ to get started and take the initiative.


Visit the official website for Hack Your Bureaucracy.


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Dustin Haisler is the Chief Innovation Officer of Government Technology's parent company e.Republic. Previously the finance director and later CIO for Manor, Texas, a small city outside Austin, Haisler quickly built a track record and reputation as an early innovator in civic tech. As President, Haisler drives exponential growth, implements new ideas and promotes a corporate culture that rewards creativity. Read his full bio.
Joseph Morris is the Chief Innovation Officer of <i>Government Technology's</i> parent company e.Republic and a national keynote speaker on issues, trends and drivers impacting state and local government and education. He has authored publications and reports on funding streams, technology investment areas and public-sector priorities, and has led roundtables, projects and initiatives focused on issues within the public sector. Joe has conducted state and local government research with e.Republic since 2007 and knows the ins and outs of government on all levels. He received his Bachelor of Arts in government and international relations from the California State University, Sacramento.