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GovTech Biz

Tech companies that help improve delivery of government services, enable transactions and add capacity to public agencies. Also includes coverage of investment activity around these companies.

For the first time since GI Partners took GTY Technology off the stock market via acquisition, GTY is acquiring a company. The deal will bring together two e-procurement vendors serving more than 1,900 agencies.
GT's most-read stories from January and February 2022 covered the roll out of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, expanded definitions of remote work in government and our seventh annual GovTech 100.
ShotSpotter bought Forensic Logic earlier this year and now runs the COPLINK X search engine. In a social media post, Davis recounted the 10 years helming the firm and what it meant to work in the public safety sector.
Six startups selected as the most promising solutions at the 2022 State of GovTech event introduce their companies and describe their offerings. In this episode we spotlight Electo Analytics, ForceMetrics and HData.
The company has added the ability to automatically store content from agencies and schools posted on the world's sixth-largest social media platform. But due to API restrictions, its capabilities are limited — for now.
The company once focused on education, but now, with recession fears growing, it wants to help more local and state agencies administer benefit programs. Beam’s platform offers tools for rent relief and other programs.
Authors Marina Nitze and Nick Sinai, whose experience spans the White House, the Department of Veterans Affairs and Harvard University, discuss their new book and delve into ways of making bureaucracy work for you.
A review of recent financial reports from the industry — including from gov tech giant Tyler Technologies — shows how companies plan to grow in the midst of economic anxieties. Public safety and the cloud play big roles.
The company, a popular solution for process digitization among state and local governments, has expanded its capabilities for capturing and processing information written by hand on paper forms.
They are young, starting careers and are beginning to vote. But Gen Z and its traits and attitudes promise to influence gov tech soon enough. What can the industry do now to prepare for that future?