The move will give Granicus a variety of tools for collecting public sentiment — polling and surveys, website analytics, etc. — as well as tools to understand that data and personalize user experiences.
By slowing down drivers 2 miles per hour in strategic areas during high-risk times of day, the startup and its government partners found they could reduce highway crashes in Southern Nevada.
The money, which also comes from a foundation and city, will allow the company to deploy its software in three municipalities in San Mateo County, Calif. — where houses are among the most expensive in the nation.
The company, which makes HR, payroll and other types of software for the public sector, has made at least three acquisitions since it took an initial private equity investment in 2016. Now it's taking on more.
GovQA, a company that makes software to help public agencies with records requests, has put out a report measuring the difficulty of the job over time, using data from its customers. Here's what they found.
The company, which uses AI to predict damage from disasters, has received its second infusion of cash from a major Japanese insurance company. Next, it plans on going to work in at least six Japanese cities.
Hardik Bhatt has been working on public-sector sales and partnerships at Amazon Web Services for three years, but now he’s joining a Chicago-based managed services provider with a substantial government footprint.
Coming on the heels of a political scandal and a large cyber attack, Scranton’s recent move to modernize its ERP system is key to rebuilding public trust, ensuring security and bringing city operations up to date.
The company's founder, Lisa Abeyta, pointed to the COVID-19 pandemic — which hit just as it was about to be acquired — as the main reason for CityLife's end. It kept its customers' apps running for a year afterward.
The federal government has turned to a startup to expand on its work during the pandemic by implementing a national testing program meant to find COVID-19 outbreaks before in-person testing can reveal them.