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State of GovTech Startup Showcase Winners (Part 2 of 2) — ICYMI

Six startups selected as the most promising solutions at the 2022 State of GovTech event introduce their companies and describe their offerings. In this episode we spotlight Rheaply and ThruGreen.

Early last month, e.Republic* partnered with CivStart and AWS to hold the State of GovTech 2022 event live in Arlington, Va. It was a great opportunity for industry and investors to network with public-sector leaders through a mix of keynotes and panels, and one of the event highlights was the “startup showcase,” where 24 gov tech startup companies took the stage to pitch their solutions to a panel of judges.

“The pitch competition was an excellent example of the diversity and impact that gov tech is having across the country right now," said CivStart CEO Anthony Jamison. "All of the startups were impressive, and these six really stood out as impactful technologies that we hope to see scale to even more state and local governments."

Three of those six overall winners were profiled in Part 1.

The three remaining finalists were:

Collective Liberty — Through its Human Trafficking Fusion Center, Collective Liberty connects anti-trafficking investigators from across the nation to the tools they need to stop traffickers — including cutting-edge intelligence analysis, curated data and networks of like-minded investigators.

Rheaply — As part of the circular economy, Rheaply enables organizations to innovate and excel by creating resource-sharing economies through technology solutions.

ThruGreen — ThruGreen makes old traffic lights smart by connecting them to data, enabling cities to reduce red light wait time, prioritize government vehicles, reduce CO2 emissions, share data between intersections, re-time signals in real time and monitor intersection health.

On this episode of ICYMI, Dustin and Joe are joined by Garr Punnett (Rheaply) and Alex Kozak (ThruGreen) to discuss their companies’ solutions, their ideal agency customers and what has surprised them working with state and local agencies.


Learn more about the fight to end trafficking with Collective Liberty

Find out how to put your resources to use through Rheaply

See traffic stakeholder solutions at ThruGreen


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Dustin Haisler is the Chief Innovation Officer of Government Technology's parent company e.Republic. Previously the finance director and later CIO for Manor, Texas, a small city outside Austin, Haisler quickly built a track record and reputation as an early innovator in civic tech. As President, Haisler drives exponential growth, implements new ideas and promotes a corporate culture that rewards creativity. Read his full bio.
Joseph Morris is the Chief Innovation Officer of <i>Government Technology's</i> parent company e.Republic and a national keynote speaker on issues, trends and drivers impacting state and local government and education. He has authored publications and reports on funding streams, technology investment areas and public-sector priorities, and has led roundtables, projects and initiatives focused on issues within the public sector. Joe has conducted state and local government research with e.Republic since 2007 and knows the ins and outs of government on all levels. He received his Bachelor of Arts in government and international relations from the California State University, Sacramento.