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Digital Empowerment. Modern Government.

Create a human-centric experience based on users’ needs

Discover effective approaches to help governments understand users so they can deliver better, more equitable experiences

Experiences often shape how people evaluate relationships in our digital, customer-driven world. Government employees, citizens, and businesses are governments’ customers. They expect reliable, seamless, on-demand, services whether they order from an online retailer, or apply for state or federal medical assistance. Governments should help people feel safe, secure, and respected in these moments that matter. In many cases, they are not. In a recent study, only 38 percent of people feel like a valued customer when dealing with the government. 1

Competition does not exist like it does in the private sector, but people make choices as residents, taxpayers, voters, and employees. In order for governments to serve citizens’ needs, they should focus on digitizing the experiences that matter most while delivering them in equitable ways.

These subject matter insights help federal, state, and local governments focus on the things that matter most to modernize faster. We explore methods to understand users’ needs and design and deliver great experiences. Let us help improve digital experiences for your constituents.

1 Source: KPMG survey among U.S. citizens (Summer 2020).

This paper highlights effective strategies governments can use to deliver a best-in-class experience that meets constituents’ needs – all while adjusting to a new normal.
Focus on people for your digital transformation
Strategic approach that adds value for citizens and governments
What it takes for governments to deliver equitable experiences