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Atlanta Adopts Cloud-Based 911 Tool to Improve Response, Coordination

Police dispatchers in Atlanta now have access to a cloud-based tool that provides real-time emergency information, offering visual and audio data that includes caller details and precise location information.

A white emergency vehicle with "Emergency 911" written on the side in blue. The vehicle is slightly blurry to indicate that it is moving.
The Atlanta Police Department is now able to locate, chat and video call citizens in distress using one tool.

Through the new system, provided by communication provider Carbyne, first responders can share information with dispatch in real time across multiple communication steams. The platform includes a Responder Connect feature and Video WallBoard that offers a comprehensive visual representation of ongoing incidents, ensuring that dispatchers can efficiently track emergencies.

The platform officially went live a few weeks ago, and the system has already made an impact on the police department.

“By equipping our call takers with more accurate, complete information in real-time, we are not only speeding up our response times but also ensuring our dispatchers can respond more precisely and efficiently,” E-911 Director Desiree Arnold said in a press release. “Our goal is to ensure that the necessary aid reaches the exact location when it’s most needed, and thanks to Carbyne’s innovative technology, we’re poised to accomplish this with greater efficiency and effectiveness than ever.”

In April of this year, the company partnered with the Presidio County Sheriff’s Office in Marfa, Texas, to launch an AI-powered live audio language translation technology that can translate a caller’s words and the written transcript of a call in real time. Before the implementation of the system, dispatchers needed to make calls to a third-party line to translate the calls.