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San Luis Obispo, Calif., Police Deploy Case Tracking Tech

New technology being used by the San Luis Obispo Police Department now allows residents to track crime reports and also to provide feedback in real time, the agency has announced in a news release.

(TNS) — New technology being used by the San Luis Obispo Police Department allows residents to track crime reports and provide feedback in real time, the agency announced in a news release.

Specialized Police Intelligence and Data Resource — SPIDR, for short — "enables public safety agencies to automatically send one-to-one text messages, emails and mobile-friendly surveys to crime victims, reporting parties and other members of the community," the release said.

"This technology will enable us to leverage data to increase efficiency, and to improve public trust and customer satisfaction," SLO Police Chief Rick Scott said in the release.

The agency will roll out the new tech on Tuesday.

Here's how it works.

Almost all reported crimes will receive a text message, SLOPD neighborhood outreach manager Christine Wallace told The Tribune in an email

A caller reporting a crime will now receive a text that gives them the date and time of their call and the incident number, the release said.

If the call remains unassigned for 20 minutes, another text message will be sent acknowledging the delay and informing the caller an officer will be sent when one is available.

Texts will not be sent to callers who may be in danger if they were to receive a notification, the release said. This could include domestic violence crimes or in-progress crimes, Wallace said.

"In-progress would be calls such as someone calling to report a burglar currently in their home or as an extreme example, a 911 call(s) reporting an active shooter in the community," she added.

Callers will be informed via text message or email when an officer submits a police report, according to the release. They will be updated in real time of the status of their case and any delays that may be impacting law enforcement response.

In some cases, information on available victim resources may also be sent out.

The technology will also send out a short survey for a caller to complete to provide feedback about their experience with the SLO Police Department.

The survey, which will be available in both English and Spanish, is aimed at helping the department improve its customer service and communication with the community, police said.

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