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A bill that for the first time in California history would authorize speed cameras on roadways in six selected cities passed both houses in Sacramento last week and is now on Gov. Gavin Newsom's desk.
California lawmakers have passed Senate Bill 362, known as the Delete Act, that would allow consumers to have every data broker delete their personal information with a single request.
Plus, New Mexico’s broadband director is retiring, California has a new public broadband services bill and applications are open for the National Digital Inclusion Alliance’s 2023 digital trailblazers program.
As Hollywood actors and writers continue to strike for better pay and benefits, California lawmakers are hoping to take action that will protect workers from being replaced by their digital clones.
California has taken one more step toward regulating the booming AI industry, this time with a broad strokes bill from a state senator that aims to regulate how the technology is built and how it affects Californians.
The California Assembly has approved legislation to notify drivers when images are gathered by in-vehicle cameras and prohibit sale for advertising, protecting consumers against the increased sale of personal data.
The California Senate passed a bill Monday mandating human drivers behind the wheel of autonomous trucks on state highways for at least the next five years, citing safety concerns as the cause.
California has been quietly testing out a mobile driver's license that could help speed travelers through airport security and also help protect users' privacy when asked to verify their age for purchases.
The California Civil Rights Department’s new online interactive guide will help residents understand the Fair Chance Act, which aims to reduce employment barriers for individuals with criminal histories.
Santa Cruz Metro is expected to finalize the purchase of 57 hydrogen fuel cell-electric buses in a matter of weeks and it will be the single largest purchase for that variety of zero-emission vehicle in the nation.