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What hidden benefit might electric vehicles offer?

Answer: reduced air conditioner use

by News Staff / March 27, 2015

Researchers at Michigan State University and in China have found two ways that electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly than conventional vehicles.

First, they emit significantly less heat, according to Michigan State University, which could mitigate the urban heat island effect -- the phenomenon that helps to turn large cities into pressure cookers in warm months.

And second, the cooling that results from replacing all gas-powered vehicles with electric vehicles could mean that city folk need less air conditioning, another environmental win.

“It’s easy not to see the big picture on issues like electric cars and global warming, but when we look with a holistic approach, we find these unexpected connections,” said co-author Jianguo “Jack” Liu. “Heat waves kill, and in terms of climate change, even one degree can make a difference.”


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