What new wearable could help relieve stress?

Answer: a smart sports bra

by / April 12, 2017

While a connected sports bra might seem like the next big thing in fitness trackers, monitoring heart rate, counting steps and clocking miles, the Vitali smart bra instead is designed to help manage stress throughout the day.

The Vitali looks much like a regular sports bra, but it has a “GEM” tracker, which houses an accelerometer and gyroscope, that clips into the front of the bra and monitors stress levels by tracking heartrate variability, or HRV, which its designers say is a “key psychological indicator of stress.”

The GEM measures HRV along with posture and breathing, and when it detects signs of stress, it gently vibrates to encourage a shift in the wearer’s behavior, whether it’s sitting up straighter or pausing to breathe deeply. Like other similar wearables, it pairs with a smartphone app via Bluetooth to display data and track progress.

What could be the smartest, most relaxing bra on the shelf launched via Kickstarter Tuesday.