How can you visualize what the world might look like after a total global ice melt?

Answer: the After Ice app

by / April 24, 2017
Via AfterIce

Scientists have warned for years about the dangers of Earth’s glaciers melting, but one new app allows users anywhere in the world to visualize what that might look like.

After Ice was developed by artist Justin Brice Guariglia using research from NASA ice melt study missions to show users anywhere in the world what their location will look like in the 2080s —  when it's expected that global sea levels will have risen by a projected 263 feet. The app, which available for free download in the iTunes app store, uses augmented reality (AR) in conjunction with your smartphone’s camera and GPS to visualize what it will look like — the water line bobs above your head and fish swim by.

Guariglia’s idea is to use AR to make the problem of the global melt seem real.

“And when that’s felt,” he told Fast Company, “when something has that sort of impact on someone, they’re more likely to do something about it.”

After absorbing the information the app offers, users are encouraged to take an “underwater” selfie and share it to social media using the hashtag #AfterIce to spread the word.

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