Who could be the next voice used on the Waze app?

Answer: you

by / May 12, 2017

Waze, Google’s crowdsourced navigation app, has long used celebrity voices to help users get around traffic congestion and other driving obstacles. Actor Morgan Freeman, Star Wars droid C-3PO and Arnold Schwarzenegger, among others, have loaned their dulcet tones to the app to tell you turn right in 200 meters or to merge onto the freeway. 

But get ready for your shining navigation voiceover moment — at least in your own travels.

Waze has released an update that lets users record their own voices as navigation prompts. Simply go to the Sound and Voice tab in the app’s settings, and select Voice Recorder to customize turn-by-turn directions to your heart’s content. In a blog post, however, Waze reminds you to be accurate, for everyone’s safety. 


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