What could deliver a single hot dog directly to your location?

Answer: the Weinerdrone

by / June 27, 2017
YouTube/Oscar Mayer

It seems like every day someone has found a new use for a drone. They’re delivering doughnuts. They’re picking up after dogs. And now, Oscar Mayer is getting in on the game.

The hot dog giant has expanded its Weinerfleet to include the Weinerdrone: a one-hot-dog-capacity delivery vehicle with a max flight time of 15 minutes, ready to drop hotdogs to (or rather, on) hungry customers. The hot-dog-shaped drone is 24 inches long, weighs 6.5 pounds at takeoff and has a maximum altitude of 1,200 feet — that’s 2,400 hot dogs end to end.

While it’s no original Wienermobile, which has a payload of up to 27,000 hot dogs, the Weinerdrone is nothing to scoff at. Just think of all the remote locations within 15 minutes of civilization where you can now get a single hot dog dropped from the sky (although it is unclear whether condiments are included).