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What milestone did FirstNet announce on Nov. 9?

Answer: the opening of its Innovation and Test Lab

by News Staff / November 10, 2016

In its effort to deliver a nationwide broadband network for first reponders, the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) announced the opening of the FirstNet Innovation and Test Lab -- a “plug and play” environment where FirstNet and its future private industry partner will test public safety features, devices and apps before they are deployed on the network, according to a press release.

The testing of such features and technologies in the lab -- along with validation and verification testing for the network, services and features -- will help reduce the time to initially field test and deploy network public safety features, and will aid future research and development related to public safety broadband technologies.

“This will enable FirstNet to get advanced technology into the hands of our first responders and help them save lives and secure communities,” FirstNet CEO Mike Poth said in the release.

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