How is Amazon proposing to move millions of gigabytes to its cloud-based services?

Answer: by driving a semi-truck full of data storage devices from your data center to theirs

by / December 8, 2016

Storing data in the cloud is no doubt something we have all read about for the last year (we’ve written a lot of it). Amazon Web Services is one off the largest providers of cloud storage. While transferring entire server rooms full of data over the Internet could take years, Amazon’s new “Snowmobile” could cut this effort down to a matter of weeks.

The 45-foot-long shipping container truck backs up to a data center, uploads all the information through a fiber connection and trucks it off to one of Amazon's cloud storage services. The truck is loaded with GPS sensors, is climate-controlled and waterproof, and comes with security escorts protecting sensitive data. The company will charge “$0.005/GB/month based on the amount of provisioned Snowmobile storage capacity and the end to end duration of the job.”

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