How could hackers ruin your morning?

Answer: by attacking your coffee

by / February 6, 2017

While cyberattacks at the state or federal level tend to make headlines, hackers can hit a little closer to home as our lives get more and more connected: like your beloved morning coffee.

Simone Margaritelli, a security researcher in Italy, decided to test whether he could hack his own Smart Coffee machine, which is connected to his home’s Wi-Fi network and controlled by a smartphone app. His finding? It was way too easy. 

“If I’m willing to spend a couple of hours automating my coffee intake,” he wrote, “there are countless cybercriminals out there willing to put in the time for a much higher-stakes reward.”
By virtue of being connected to a network, the coffee maker was at risk for attack. Some agencies are releasing recommendations for best security practices when it comes to the ever-growing Internet of Things, which will hopefully prevent hacks on your daily life in the future. But in the meantime? Keep a watchful eye on your morning brew. Or just stick to making it the old-fashioned way.