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Are men more likely than women to get interviews for tech jobs?

Answer: Yes.

job interview
If you’ve spent a minute in the tech or tech-adjacent industry, you’ve probably noticed that men typically outnumber women. According to the numbers, that discrepancy goes all the way back to the interview process.

According to job search marketplace Hired, women applying for jobs in the tech industry in 2021 were found to be 13.2 percent less likely to get an interview request than male applicants. Even worse, that’s an increase from the previous year, in which they were only 7.3 percent less likely to get an interview.

Hired’s report, State of Wage Inequality in the Tech Industry, also found that companies with an open tech position requested interviews only from men for 37 percent of those positions. Additionally, women applying for tech jobs got 16.8 percent of interview requests, despite making up 19 percent of the applicant pool.