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Can ChatGPT get you a job?

Answer: Not technically, but it can give you a good chance at getting a job.

Closeup of a computer screen showing the cursor hovering over a button on a website that says "jobs."
A new update to the popular large language model gives users the ability to put it to work in finding them a job. GPT-4o, parent company OpenAI’s new flagship model, can access the Internet to look for jobs and help you put together an application.

Business Insider’s Beatrice Nolan decided to put the new version to the test and see how well it performed as a free personal recruiter. After telling the bot what type of job to look for as well as experience, Nolan set it loose on the Internet to look for matching openings. While there were a few hiccups, such as a misstated salary and a job that didn’t exist, overall the positions that it came back with were mostly accurate and fell within Nolan’s initial parameters.

ChatGPT also summarized the main features of the roles it found, such as location, salary and responsibilities. It also provided tips on applying, and when Nolan selected one role in particular, the bot was able to provide an analysis of the likelihood of getting the role and tips to improve those odds. With some more prompting, it quickly produced an appropriate cover letter and a list of people working at the company where Nolan could direct follow-up messages. Within half an hour, the application was complete and ready to go.