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Can you display your gender pronouns in Zoom meetings?

Answer: Yes.

A cellphone with the Zoom logo on the screen.
Zoom has introduced an update that allows users to display their preferred gender pronouns while in meetings. Previously, if users wanted to share their pronouns they had to manually add them to their display names. And if you had done that but didn’t want to share them in a particular meeting, you had to remember to go into your settings and manually delete them.

Zoom’s new “pronouns” feature makes this a breeze. Users can specify their pronouns in their profile settings on the web version of the platform. Then, there is a drop-down menu that allows you to choose whether you want your pronouns to be automatically displayed in all meetings or not, or if you want the system to ask you before each meeting.

“In introducing the Pronouns feature, we hope this will help everyone feel better able to express themselves and respectfully address others, which ultimately leads to a stronger culture of connectivity and an improved communications experience,” Zoom said in announcing the feature.