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Can you return your cat through Amazon?

Answer: No, but one cat tried it anyway.

An open cardboard box with the Amazon logo, sitting on a white surface.
One shy house cat’s love of boxes sent her on a harrowing journey earlier this month. And while things ended well for the furry traveler, she may think twice about jumping into an Amazon box in the future.

The cat, Galena, went missing from her owner’s Utah home on April 10, the same day they packaged up and sent off a large box of shoes to return to Amazon. After a week of searching with no sign of Galena, they received a call from a vet’s office in California that their cat had been found. “I could not believe that it was true,” Galena’s owner Carrie Clark said. “I told [the vet]: I think this is a prank.”

But it was no prank. Galena had been discovered in the Clarks’ box of returns when it was opened in an Amazon warehouse in California. Other than mild dehydration from going seven days without food or water, she was in relatively good health. One seam on the box had come unglued during the trip, providing adequate oxygen circulation within the box, and the mild weather throughout the 500-mile trip kept Galena from freezing or overheating. She’s now back home safe and sound and hopefully thinking twice before jumping into boxes.