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Can you stop using a password for your Microsoft account?

Answer: Yes ... nearly!

Filled-in password field on a blue computer screen
No one likes passwords — these days, they have to be so long and complicated, and you have to have one for just about everything. Password managers are a pretty good solution, but you know what would be even better? No passwords.

That’s a future that Microsoft is trying to build, and it just took a pretty big step forward. Starting this week, users will be able to forego entering their password whenever they want to log into their Microsoft account. Using the Microsoft Authenticator app, users can log in to any Microsoft service without having to enter their password. The app will simply prompt them to authenticate the login attempt, kind of like two-factor authentication without the password.

“We are expected to create complex and unique passwords, remember them, and change them frequently, but nobody likes doing that either. For the past couple of years, we’ve been saying that the future is passwordless, and today I am excited to announce the next step in that vision,” said Vasu Jakkal, corporate vice president for Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity.
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