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Did Tesla knowingly overestimate its vehicles’ battery ranges?

Answer: It would appear so.

Closeup of the Tesla logo in silver on the tailgate of a red car.
Your Tesla may not always be giving you an accurate estimate of how much life is left in its battery. News broke this week that the electric vehicle maker has allegedly started using algorithms that intentionally inflate its cars’ driving range.

According to The Verge, an anonymous source said that when the car is at full charge it will display an inflated number of miles it can drive until the battery dies. Once the battery reaches a 50 percent charge, however, the car will start to show a more accurate prediction of its battery’s range. The source said company CEO Elon Musk was behind this, saying “Elon wanted to show good range numbers when fully charged.”

Tesla also reportedly developed a “Diversion Team” to cancel appointments for customers reporting that their vehicles were falling short of the range estimate that was shown at full charge. Employees were told that the company saved about $1,000 for each of those appointments that was canceled.