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Do robots fidget?

Answer: They can learn.

blue robot
It’s interesting how humanity likes to build robots and then try to make them as human as possible, as if there weren’t already enough humans in the world. For example, researchers at Yale have built a robotic hand that can fidget like a human one.

Why, you ask? Well, the more robots learn to act (and dare we say think) like humans, the better they will be at adapting to and understanding their environment, without requiring human intervention at every step. Yup, that’s definitely not how the robot revolution gets started.

It is kinda fun to watch a robotic hand fidget with a rubber duck though. The team taught it to do so with a variety of objects without needing motor commands, so it can adjust in real time to any small changes in the object’s placement. We would very much like to know, though, if the robot has tried a fidget spinner yet.