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How did an AI chatbot just scare a bunch of Snapchat users?

Answer: By posting a random one-second video.

Closeup of a smartphone screen showing the Snapchat logo on a yellow background.
Apparently nothing terrifies social media users like a computer glitch. Snapchat’s My AI chatbot recently had a moment, and quite a few users got very concerned at first.

It all started with a video. A video that lasts one second, to be precise. My AI, which is powered by OpenAI’s large language model (LLM) technology, posted the video to its story late Tuesday. It shows a two-tone image that could look like a wall and ceiling, which had some users concerned that the bot might have been spying on them. “It matches my wall and ceiling where I rent and I was freaking out,” someone commented on X (formerly Twitter).

A Snapchat spokesperson told Mashable that the bot had “experienced an outage,” so there’s a good chance this was a related glitch and nothing more.