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How did Google’s new smartwatch get leaked?

Answer: Looks like an employee left one at a restaurant.

A young woman looking at her watch.
Shutterstock/Teerasan Phutthigorn
Google is reportedly getting ready to launch its first-ever smartwatch, but an employee may have accidentally beaten it to the punch by leaving one behind at a restaurant.

Redditor tagtech414 shared images of the device, saying that a friend of theirs who worked at the restaurant shared it with them after weeks of no one coming to claim it. It appears to be well made, with an exterior that “looks metallic but feels like it’s coated with glass.” When they tried to turn it on, all it would display was a gray Google icon.

Of course, there’s always the chance that Google staged the whole thing as a promotional stunt, but we’re hoping not because that would ruin the fun.