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How long did it take for someone’s new Cybertruck to injure them?

Answer: Before they even completed delivery.

The Tesla Cybertruck sitting on a gray surface backlight by a bright white light.
Reports of injuries from owners of Tesla’s new Cybertruck are not uncommon, but this one perhaps takes the cake. One owner, who goes by bdesign on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, shared that their new Cybertruck drew blood before they even drove it off the lot.

The purchaser and his wife were inspecting their new vehicle with two Tesla employees when he noticed what looked like a divot on the tailgate. He went to rub it with his finger to see if it was truly a divot or just a dirty spot, but in the process he cut his wrist on the truck’s notoriously sharp edges.

The Tesla employees got him patched up and they were able to complete the delivery and take the vehicle home. But when he unwrapped it a few hours later to check on it, it started bleeding a lot — enough that he ended up in the emergency room. Fortunately it looks like he’ll be OK, though he’ll probably approach the edges of his truck with a healthy dose of caution from now on.