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How many times did Massachusetts’ police robot dog get shot?

Answer: Three.

Spot the Robot Police Dog
Image from Boston Dynamics
The Massachusetts State Police robot dog took one for the team this week — well technically, he took three. Roscoe, a Boston Dynamics Spot robodog in use by the police agency, was shot three times when he was sent into a home with an armed barricaded suspect.

Operated via remote control by a trooper, Roscoe was sent to clear the top two floors of a home where an armed person had barricaded themselves inside. Upon clearing the upper floors, Roscoe entered the basement, where the suspect knocked him over before running up the stairs. Roscoe was able to right himself and began following the suspect, at which point the officers outside lost contact with him.

The suspect turned himself in after officers introduced tear gas into the house. When Roscoe was recovered from the building, they found that he had been shot three times, which rendered him inoperable. Roscoe was sent back to Boston Dynamics for repair, and the company decided to keep him for research and sent a replacement unit to the Massachusetts State Police.