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How many Wyze security camera users were able to see into strangers’ homes last week?

Answer: 13,000.

A closeup of a camera lens.
If you own a Wyze security camera, a stranger may have been able to briefly see your video feed on Friday. The smart home company reportedly suffered a glitch that led to the breach.

Wyze initially reported that only 14 customers were affected by the incident, but that number quickly went up upon further investigation. The company said the issue originated with an outage at Amazon Web Services, after which a “third-party caching client library” failed when services came back online.

“This client library received unprecedented load conditions caused by devices coming back online all at once. As a result of increased demand, it mixed up device ID and user ID mapping and connected some data to incorrect accounts,” Wyze stated. About 13,000 users saw thumbnails of cameras that didn’t belong to them, and 1,504 of those users reportedly opened them. Wyze alerted all affected customers and apologized.