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How much money did Facebook lose in Monday’s big outage?

Answer: About $66 million.

Facebook is having a rough week. In addition to a damning account from whistleblower Frances Haugen stating that the company is aware that some of its effects are dangerous, the company experienced a global outage Monday that lasted most of the day. But that outage cost the company more than just its reputation.

Fact-checking website Snopes decided to rough out a calculation of how much the social media giant lost in ad revenue from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp being nonoperational for about five hours. Using data from the company’s most recent quarterly report, Snopes estimated that the monetary loss for that time period was about $66 million. Considering that the outage was closer to six hours for many users, and that these calculations are just “back-of-the-napkin math,” there’s every possibility that the actual number is higher.

Facebook has yet to offer an explanation as to what happened, although with the Internet being the Internet, there are plenty of speculations.
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