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Is NASA testing female dummies for future moon missions?

Answer: Yes.

the moon
NASA seems to be making good on its promise to make its future moon missions more inclusive. The space agency this week revealed the slate of dummies that it will be launching into space on its Artemis 1 mission scheduled for later this year, and two of them are female.

The dummies are built to simulate human bodies, so they’re made of stuff similar to our skin, bones and organs. NASA’s scientists will be using them to study the effects of radiation during space travel on human bodies, which will help them build the astronauts’ protective suits.

The two female dummies, named Zohar and Helga, are just upper-body dummies. Zohar will be outfitted with the agency’s AstroRad vest, created to protect vital organs from space radiation. Helga, on the other hand, will not wear anything. Since female bodies tend to be more sensitive to radiation than male bodies, the team at NASA wants to measure how well their space clothing will protect women astronauts specifically.
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