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Is Spain’s new transit mascot adorable or nightmarish?

Answer: You decide, reactions are mixed.

Digital illustration of a generic transit route map.
Shutterstock/Mihael Mihalev
“You could never in a million years prepare yourself for what’s about to walk off that bus” accurately describes the reactions to the new mascot for Spain’s transit company. Sabadell recently unveiled said mascot, Bussi, by having them exit a public bus in a grand ceremony, and the Internet’s reactions are all over the place.

“Excited to meet Bussi, who both promotes transit and haunts your dreams” was one viewer’s comment on the video of the event shared on social media. Presented to coincide with European Mobility Week last week, Bussi has green arms and feet, along with green ears — antennae, perhaps — and the body is white and covered with colorful lines like transit routes on a map.

The mascot came off the bus to much fanfare, including a whole dance number, and people just aren’t sure how they feel about it. One viewer’s description sums it up nicely: “The precise combination of scary/cute that makes it impossible to look away.”

You really just have to see it for yourself.