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Is the Tesla Cybertruck difficult to get into?

Answer: Some new owners needed help figuring out how to open the doors.

The Tesla Cybertruck sitting on a gray surface backlight by a bright white light.
Last week, Tesla held an event to deliver the first of its infamous Cybertrucks to consumers. But a number of them needed help, in some cases from CEO Elon Musk, to figure out how to get into their new vehicles.

Rather than a traditional door handle, the Cybertruck just has a small button on the B-pillar along the edge of the door window. Pressing this button will open the door about 2 inches, at which point you can grab it and open it the rest of the way. “You just press this button here,” Musk reportedly told one owner during the event.

First-time confusion might not be the only issue with this vehicle door design though. Popular tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee was on hand to review the new vehicle, and he was concerned that people might not be able to get into their vehicle if there is ice on it. “Tesla’s … telling me up to an inch of ice, if you can break through the ice and press this button, it will push with enough force to open it and break the ice off,” he said in his review. “Now if that’s true, that’s debatable. We’ll see.”