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Tesla wants to base its car insurance in Texas on what?

Answer: Real-time driver behavior.

Tesla likes to do things differently. Not long after revealing that it would be moving its headquarters from California to Texas, the electric car maker announced it would introduce its own car insurance policy in its new home state.

Typically, insurers look at things like a driver’s age, gender, credit and driving history when determining insurance premiums. Tesla, however, wants to throw that all out of the window and reduce the factor that determines how much you owe down to a single number. It will do this using its new Safety Score feature, released last month as part of its Full Self-Driving Beta system.

The Safety Score will give drivers a real-time score based on their driving behavior. The better their driving, the higher their score, which will in turn determine cost of insurance. Tesla owners in the Lone Star State can now apply for a quote. Tesla will start their policy with a Safety Score of 90, and prices will change each month to reflect changes in score. CEO Elon Musk said during a recent shareholder’s meeting that the company intends to also introduce this new insurance model in California, the only other state where it currently offers coverage.