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What are audio emojis?

Answer: Exactly what they sound like (pun intended).

Emojis on Twitter
Google wants us to be able to use emojis anywhere we want, even while talking on the phone. Google Phone app users are getting the option to use a limited number of “audio emojis” during calls.

The six emojis available to start are clapping, laughing, party, crying, drum and, the Internet’s favorite, the poop emoji. When a user selects one of the emojis, an accompanying sound will play for all to hear. For example, the crying emoji plays a sad trombone sound, while the drum plays the “ba-dum tss” sound common after a joke and the poop emoji plays a fart sound.

There is reportedly a cooldown between the use of each emoji, so you can’t just play the sounds repeatedly to annoy other callers. The feature hasn’t officially been confirmed by Google yet, with reports coming from 9to5Google as well as a number of screenshots circulating on social media.