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What causes this robotic cat-ear headband to move?

Answer: Your brain waves.

The Necomimi headband.
Image courtesy Neurowear
Japanese company Neurowear has taken the cat-ear headband trend to a whole new level. The latest version of its Necomimi cat ears are pretty darn realistic, mirroring your emotions right down to sounds like meowing or purring.

The ears know how to do this thanks to their ability to read your brain waves. There are sensors on the headband that rest on your forehead, as well as a clip for your left ear. These read your brain waves and tell the ears how to move based on what they pick up. For example, they will fold over when you are relaxed, or perk up if you focus on something. If you’re “in the zone,” they’ll flutter from left to right, and if you’re “neutral,” they’ll just twitch.

This newest iteration differs from the original version, released in 2012, because it includes a speaker, allowing the headband to make sounds like meows or purrs to accompany its movements. Neurowear also says that its lighter and more compact than the previous version.
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