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What did a police officer do after arresting an Uber Eats delivery driver?

Answer: He made the delivery himself.

A police officer handcuffing a man in a gray sweatshirt.
What happens when your Uber Eats delivery driver gets arrested en route with your food? Well, the officer who made the arrest might just deliver your meal instead.

That’s what happened to one hungry customer in New Jersey last month. A Florham Park Police Department officer was on a routine patrol when a random plate inquiry showed an outstanding warrant on a vehicle for $1,000 traffic bail. He arrested the driver, who happened to be in the middle of a delivery for Uber Eats.

Not wanting to leave the customer without their food, the officer decided to complete the delivery himself. The customer turned out to be Jionni LaValle, the husband of Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. While unable to receive a tip as a government employee, the officer said he was happy to make the delivery because he “got into the job to help people,” even if that just means ensuring they get their food.