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What does a cat in a suitcase look like on an airport security scanner?

Answer: Creepy. Very creepy.

An image of the back ends of two cats next to each other as seen from above.
The Transportation Security Administration sees all kinds of strange things in people’s luggage (their Instagram account has a real field day with it on a regular basis). But a live cat is definitely up there among the stranger ones.

Staff at JFK International Airport in New York discovered the feline while scanning passengers’ checked luggage on Nov. 16. And just in case you were wondering, the image of a live cat on an airport security screener is definite nightmare fuel. Fortunately, when the bag was opened the cat was very much alive and appeared unharmed. It didn’t even attempt an escape.

The passenger who owned the bag was tracked down. He said the cat, named Smells, was not his but belonged to someone else in his household. He suspected that it had somehow gotten into his luggage without his knowing (possible, but it would have to be the chillest cat in the world to pull that off). The New York Post reportedly tracked the cat down once it was returned home, and it is doing just fine.